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Duckhills published:

Härliga Hund (2018) & a Japanese Dog-glossy (2017)

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-june 2018: Flynn has a new title in Freestyle FDI!!


-april 2018: Citrus (duckhills royal Flyng of Emma) Swedish Champion!


-March 2018: Jinx 2 x best female at dutch int. show & International Champion!


-Dazzle Swedish Winner 17


-Dazzle World Winner-17 and Jinx res best female at worldshow in Leipzig


-Dazzle BIS and resBIS at Se and NO specialty

Jinx 2nd and 3th place!


-Flox, (Duckhills Royal Flox of Emma) Swedish champion and Rally obedience title!


-Theo, (duckhills Royal Flush of Emma wins the Norwegian and Swedish Championship!