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Härliga Hund (2018) & a Japanese Dog-glossy (2017)

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-May '19: Nikon best male att NORDIC Dogshow with NORD CAC

-May '19: Jingle Best male at Norwegian Kooikerspecial

-May '19: Jinx mated with beautiful and very kind Milo (Vitovani's) Love at first sight <3  If all goes as planned we expect puppies w28!

-may '19: Jingle has done very well at sveral shows in NL - Germany - Danmark

-May 4: Dazzle res Best female at German Kooikerspecal! 75 entries

-april '19: Birka earned a new title with 3 straight winnings: RLDF!!

-dec 2018: Nikon wins

Swedish Winner:

SE V-18 SE JV-18

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