our vision

Our vision

Breeding a kooikerhondje is a big responsibility. The genetic base is still 'small' and choosing the breedingpairs takes a lot of consideration. Luckaly the parentclub in the Netherlands has kept a register on all the individuals, officially bred kooikerhondjes in the world. We travel thousands of miles just to be able to use the best partner who will add something to the breed/our kennel.

We don't want to simply multiply but are aiming for quality and increased variation in genes. And above all social healthy dogs. We're very lucky to know a lot of kooikerowners, responsible breeders and people with a lot of experience in the breed to help us reach this goal.

Our aim in breeding is still the same as it was in Holland when we bred English Springer Spaniels: healthy, sound and social dogs. We test our breeding dogs (health, HD, VWD, ENM, eyes etc) and travel a lot to meet other kooikers.

We know a puppy will be your familymember for many, many years and we do our very best to deliver the puppy very socialized and healthy so she or he can forfill your dreams.