Dazzle x Finntwo januari 2016

Born 9 januari 2016

Duckhills Dazzling ... of FinnTwo


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Ducklings Dazzle x FinnTwo '16

birthannauncement Dazzle x Finntwo

Dazzle is one of the most winning kooikers (show) in europe. Winning the Dutch Kooikerspecial in 2014 from 176 kooikers  as one of the highlights in her very succesfull carreer. More important: she lives with us in our house everyday and we know her as a very friendly sensitive kooikerlady who just like to cuddle on the sofa with you.

We started already looking for a suitable male when she was still a puppy. We found him when he was still a junior and I liked him very much. His familytree is dominated by very friendly easygoiing kooikers and he became more stunning every day. I requested a mating in 2014, was very happy to hear the owners thought this could be a match and a year later he wins the same price as Dazzle: Best in Show at the Dutch Clubmatch.  2 Clubwinners and they got 7 beautiful healthy puppies, born on 9th of jan. 2016. After 8 weeks we delivered sound, friendly, outgoiing puppies and I think we'll hear more from them in the future :-)

7 weeks dazzle x finntwo

Jan 9th 2016!

The day 9 puppies were born in 4 hours.

5 females and 4 males. One was already dead with birth (probably more than a week) and the rest are very beautiful, tiny kids after Dazzle and Finntwo. With birthweights between 89-159g it will be a survivaltrip the next few days. Dazzle is a very loving mother so it will not depend on that....