what to expect at Duckhills

We breed according the rules of the Swedish kennelclub SKK (FCI)

and breedspecific rules Kooikerclub Sweden/Holland

-All (fe)males are (DNA) tested on VWD/ENM.

-Patella - eyes tested

Sold with:

-contract SKK

-veterinary checked

-dewormed 3 times

-1th vaccinations


-official FCI pedigree

-2 years breeders-garantuee SVEDEA

-SE: 1 year membership Swedish Kooikerclub

-leash - puppyharness


-puppypads (housetraining)

-3kg premiumfood they are used to.

-more fun stuff....


Next litter plans with:

Wille (2025)

all depending on availability males and healthchecks/results.

What can you expect from Duckhills

Duckhills puppy-package

Fill in the form below if you're interested in a puppy from us.

We believe every dogowner, -you-, is unique.

We believe every dog is unique.

Like us they have there own personality, temperament, needs, eagerness to learn and to please. Are leaders or not...

Nobody and no dog is the same. Not in looks and not in behaviour. That is why it's important for us to match you with the puppy for life. Not for the moment because he/she lookes the cutest ;-)

We have to know you better as a possible owner, what the puppy gets for family/life/activities etc to make the best possible combination.

At Duckhills they will be raised in the house, get visits and get used to many different sounds. We have a puppyplayland, to experience all kinds of materials, playfully training their physics, be challenged to learn and develop their body and brains in the best possible way.

The playland will be weekly adjusted to the puppies age and size.

They will be socialized, when ready, during the last weeks outside the door in the big world. Like riding the car, visiting a store, beach, forest, office.

There will be daily updates in a special facebookgroup with many films and pictures.

After they have left us and start living at their new foreverhomes we stay in contact. It is important to us to follow up the puppies later in life. And it is also just very nice to hear how they are doing!! And off course are we allways here for questions and puppytalk.

female - tik - tispe
male - hane
both female and male - båda kön
Other - annat