Qunacks Favor Joyeus Jinx

Born: 2015 feb 7

F: NLCH JW'13 NJK'13 Terra Doma's Lepidus Mare 

M: NLCH EJW'11 NJK '11 JW'11 Byondra van Camelot's Polderzicht

Import Netherlands



-ENM: DNA tested free

-VWD: DNA tested free

-eyes: Clear (feb 2018)

-patella: 0/0


2018 with Rudi (Hakim vom Torfmoorsee)

2019 with Milo (Vitovani's Imillo D'Ghabi)


Qunacks Favor Joyeus Jinx

Jinx 2y sech dkch

Jinx comes from Qunacks Favor kennel in Holland. We can't thank them enough to get a chance to import a puppy from this special combination.

When I saw Evy (the mother) in 2011 for the first time I was very, very fond of her. A very succesfull kooiker in the showring but more important a selfconfident social lady.

Finally, in her second litter with the beautiful male Rubah, there she was: Jinx!

A very social kooiker with the loveliest attitude. She just loooooves people and kids in special.

She developed in a very friendly enthousiastic girl, she just loves to share her kisses with everybody. <3