Duckhills Dazzling Pixel of FinnTwo

Duckhills Dazzling Pixel of FinnTwo

born: jan 9 2016 see litter


ENM (DNA): free - no carrier

VWD (DNA): free

Patella: free 0/0

Eyes: clear


C.I.B. NLCH WW-17 EUW-15 SECH DKCH NOCH FICH NORDCH LUXJCH CHJCH EUJW-13 Clubmatchwinner-14 NORD W-16 DKW-14-15-16  DKJW-13 NOJW-13 NOW-13-14-16 SEJW-13 SEW-13-14-15-16-17 HELSJW-13 FIJW-13 RostockJSieger-13 BeneluxWinner-15 Cruftswinner-15

Qunacks Favor Noble Noisette


NLJCH NLCH Benelux JW-14 VHNK clubmatchwinner-15

Friendly FinnTwo vh Runxputtehof

Click for pedigree:

pixel 5m BIS puppy

Duckhills Dazzling Pixel of FinnTwo

We're very excited to present our newest edition at Duckhills: Pixel!

A very lovely modest young girl born in our kennel. She's very social, has a beautiful coat and proportions and just enjoys life to the fullest.

Pixel has her daily life and all the attention she wants at home with my sister, partner and the cat.

duckhills dazling pixel of FinnTwo

Pixel growing from 4 weeks:

pixel 11-19w
pixel 20w
pixel 5,2m