Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi

Born: july 6, 2018

regnr: SE46224/2018

F: Hakim vom Torfmoorsee (Germany)

M: Qunack's Favor Joyeus Jinx (imp. NL)

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DNA tested clear/free on 214 (of 214) genetic diseases

(see pdf below)

ENM: free

VWD: free

Eyes: clear - free

HD hips:     A/A
ED elbows: 0 - free UA 

Patella:     0/1


24 dec 2019  2m / 3f  Norway

04 march '20 5m / 4f  Sweden

7 dec 2020  2m/ 4f Sweden

9 dec 2020  3m/ 2f Sweden

Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi
duckhills joy jingle 5,5m
duckhills joy jingle 9m
Jingle 10 months


Jingle 16 months
Jingle 17months
Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi 22 months

JWinner-2019 Nordic JW-19 NO W-19


Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi

Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi

Jingle is the keeperpuppy from Jinx' first litter. Long before his parents mated in Germany we had decided to keep a male from this litter if they would come out nicely. They did and what a luxury to be able to choose from 4 very handsome males.

Very nice pedigree, new genes for Sweden/Scandinavia and also the most friendly, social and confident parents you can think of.

dyckhills joy jingle of Rudi pedigree