Emma x Milo 2016


Week 1:

Born very fast and without problems with an avarage birthweight: 238g There she was: perfection in the cutest package: Thistledown!

Callingname will be Thistle.

Int Ch CIB NORDCH SE-NO-DK-CH LUXCH RLDN RLDF Cirtap's prinses Emma van Wirre-E


NORD CH DKCH SECH NOCH EUJW15, Deutscher Jugend-Champion VDH. Club-Jugend champion. Nen`Sam Lue von NenRub. - Milo.

Both testet

Vwd free

ENM free

Patella 0-0

Eyes free

Website: https://www.twybrook.co.uk/

Thistle's achievments:

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards -

Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Kennel Club Rally -

RL1Ex, RL2Ex and RL3Ex

UK Champonship Shows - Kooikerhondje

BPIB (Best Puppy in Breed) x 3

BB (Best Bitch) x 1

RBB (Reserve Best Bitch) x 3

UK Champonship Shows – Rare Breeds

BPIB (Best Puppy in Breed) x 1

BOB (Best of Breed) x 2

VHNK Open Clubmatch 2017 5Ex.Intermediate

Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain Open Clubmatch 2017 – BPIS

General Open Show – Puppy Group 3 x 2, BOB x 1

Companion Show – RBIS x 1

EuroDogShow 2017 – Kooikerhondje BOB Junior 😊

KCGB Puppy of the Year 2017

KCGB Obedience Dog of the Year 2017

KCGB Rally Dog of the Year 2017

KCGB Reserve Dog of the Year 2017

KCGB Overseas Show Dog of the Year 2017

KCGB Imported Dog of the Year 2017

WOEBCC Top ABC Dog of the Year 2017

CDDTC Breed Show Dog of the Year 2017

Week 2:

Thistle is developing just fine. She has got 'brothers and sisters' in her welpingbox to train her brain and muscles by have to climb over them and find solutions when they are on her path to the milkbar.

Week 3:

Thistle opened her eyes!

Week 4:

First picture on the daily weight-rutine.

Thistle likes to go around and discover new things with a waggling tail. she also liked meeting the rest of the flock!

Week 5:

Thistle loves to play outside and in our Puppy-playparadise! Lot's of materials with different sounds etc. to stimulate her neurological, mental, senso-motoric developement.

Week 6:

Thistle really likes to learn, discover and enjoy life. She is really not afraid of anything. Loud or new sounds are no problem at all, new materials (like her pupp-agilitycourse) no problem either. A walk in the forest with an explosion of new smells, sounds and senses is just fun.

Week 7:

6 weeks old and following without a problem to the big world outside. She's so eager to learn, amazing ....

Week 8:

Thistle learns more and more about the big world.

Week 9:

Normally the last week but Thistle stays with us until 15 weeks (because of exportrules). She has to learn more about the world. We take her to a fair, animalshop, horseracing, veterinarian for shots and microchipping, flowershop and lots more places. Thistle reacts as if she was there millions of times before, no problem!

Week 10:

Thistle experiences a lot of new places this week.

Week 11:

learning about water in different forms and temperture, clickertraining, visits, etc.

Week 12:

Thistle enjoyed herself very much at our annual Duckhills kennelmeeting. She succeeded even foto-bombing the Royal-guys-shoot. She enjoys walks, learning and doiing tricks and beiing naughty.....

Week 13:

Thisle visited a park with lots of new things, objects and animals. And she got a present from her new mom and dad! She was checked by the vet again and got her EU-pass to  cross all borders, 6 borders untill she is home in the UK.

Week 14:

Thistle learns about the elevator, a cultural cafe, the vet (for funvisit), the library, the communityhouse, fall and daily life in the flock.

Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi

I met daddy Milo when he was still a puppy. Hard not to fall in love with this charming guy. He grew up into a very handsome, lovely, friendly and succesfull kooikermale. Just the perfect temperament and looks I was looking for in a male for Emma.

The progesteronlevels from Emma showed they rised skyehigh in one day in stead of four days and the vet thought we were to late for a mating. We just rushed to Milo who was winning best male at the Danish clubshow that day. Emma and Milo had 2 very fast and succesfull natural matings and liked eachother very much.

May we present 'daddy'!:

Nen'Sam Lue von NenRub


milo x emma

15 Weeks. The last week before she moves to her forever home in the UK. She follows with us to a kooikerconference and plays on the beach, plays in the fall leaves, at the minigolf and mets a lot of people, she just enjoys. She loves to do puzzles, solving her way to the food! And over all it was love at first sight with Claire and Ken when they finally came to pick her up after all these weeks. We would have loved to keep this very promising, very eger to learn beautiful girl but I'm convinced she will have a golden paradise with Claire and her family.