Rally obedience





Cirtaps prinses Emma van Wirre-E


Emma has a big will to please and really likes to learn new things and tricks. The challange for me is to make sure she will not get bored with training. Come up with surprises and new tricks otherwise she will loose focus. Repeating is not her favorite word, less training gives more have I noticed.

We have trained puppyclass obedience and after this Rally-obedience. Kooikers seem to be born for this kind of dogsport.

When we have the chance we do even Rally-O contests. It went so well that Emma already gained a workingtitle: RLD N

The video is about the contest in Fagersta were she got her title. Score: 90 points out of 100

This was after 5 months NO training....


In april may and june 2013 we contested 5 times Rally-O with Emma: Fortsättningsklass (graduateclass).

She got 91, 72 and 86 points (out of 100) and had deserved her next title: RLD-F !