NenSam Lue vom NenRub

NORD CH DKCH SECH NOCH EUJW15, Deutscher Jugend-Champion VDH. Club-Jugend champion. Nen`Sam Lue von NenRub. - Milo.


Vwd free

ENM free

Patella 0-0

Eyes free

Litters at duckhills:

Thistle 2016

Nikon & Birka 2017

More info and contact:

I fall in love with Milo when he was 12 weeks and made a lot of  in puppyclass  at the Danish Winnershow. Later on he won a lot of shows and grew in to a very social and very handsome kooikermale. I was very honoured we got permission to use him with Emma. Both very strong in temperament, selfconfidence and succesfull at shows. I knew his daddy very well end the motherline.

The first mating in 2016 was to late according to all the tests but it resulted in that one perfect puppy: Thistle!

Many asked me for a remating and we did on 2017: this time Nikon and Birka came. Both with the very nice attitude and looks from their parents.

Nen`Sam Lue von NenRub